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The after convention thoughts

October 24, 2017

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Leather and lace

October 23, 2019

So after viewing few fashion shows, I narrowed down my new look to leather and lace. 

I saw Alexander McQueen show, and though I was not totally inspired by it, I liked the leather and lace combinations. Then I started researching Gwen Stefanie, since I started following the voice, and like her fashion style. So I put it all in my blender, and came up with few ideas.

I do not like to use vinyl as much, since when it ages it goes kaput. I had some 'leather' jacket and shoes and some outfits that I made in the past, all from beautiful vinyl. But it is all ruined in time and I had to throw it all away. So I like to use the real thing and use leather as much as I can.

I have lots of black leather and just got some red kid skin. That will be the new group.

How many I still don't know. I start with two and see where it takes me.

I am planning on doing some new outfits for the guys as well.

So stay tuned.



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