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Autumn Bride.

A new mask just joined the group of one of a kind masks.

It starts with a molded air dry clay molded to a face mold that I have.

Once dry I started adding the more pronounce nose and lips.

When its all dry I sand it all to smoothe all rough edges, spray paint with black paint.

I opted not to paint the facial features only minimal eye makeup in gold and a gold line across the lips.

Then the decorating begins.

I applied white lace across the top to cover the forehead. On top I applied various flowers in white and gold. Lots of white mullberry aper roses and finished with applying the same lace gathered in the back of the head, to frame it all

I think this kind of covers it.

Each mask that I make is unique and no two if I make another one like this, will be alike.

Autumn Bride.

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