Black silk.

No, its not a new outfit in the welcome back Ellowyne line.This outfit was created a while ago.Modeling the outfit is my first Ellowyne doll. 11 Years ago I was on an extended visit to Israel and my sister in law is an avid interior designer who subscribe to tons of design magazines. In one of the magazines there was an article on a painter who paints fairies with big heads and dreamy eyes. I immediately thought about Ellowyne. I had other Tonner dolls and was not sure about Ellowyne line. So I decided to get one when I got back, repainted her and made an outfit in an early 20th century fashion.

Needles to say that I got more Ellowynes and made lots of fashions for them.


This outfit is made of black silk dupioni, decorated with black lace around the waist. A black lace wide collar and black lace shirred along the front opening, decorated with black velvet ribbon.

Long sleeves decorated with black lace and black velvet ribbon at the cuffs.

The outfit comes with black lace hose.

Doll and shoes are not included.

Black silk