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Fall 2023 outfit for 12” in black and plaid.

I started with a peach color china silk for the blouse.

Long sleeves with a collar and a ribbon as a neck trim.

The blouse is actually a body suit and connect at the bottom.

This is I avoided a run ups at the skirt waist line.

The skirt is made of black worsted wool at the top and a fine pleated plaid.

I got this fabric years ago and for some reason I haven’t found the right use for it, till now.

I used two layers of the plaid in two lengths. The layers are attached to the top part off the skirt.

The top part is lined with black china silk.

The coat is a new pattern that I drafted. Wide shawl collar.

Tapered at the top and flares at the waist.  It is made of black worsted wool, lined with china silk. In order to add a bit of weight to the hem line, I added a fine metal chain to the hem line, hidden by the lining.

This is a method I learned form Chanel. They always add a metal chain to their jackets to add weight and improve the way the jacket lies on the body.

Two-part sleeves with a slit at the cuff line.

The sleeves slit is decorated with two gold metal buttons.

The jacket closes with a hook and has two gold metal button in the front.

The earrings are made by me from various chin beads and meta posts.

Doll and shoes are not included.