Hakama Sōji

A clean design that was added to the group.

I made the shirt and pants with the rest of the group and was palnning on adding a jacket, but when I dressed the doll, the rustle of the silk was so clean and pure, that I decided to keep this outfit simple and clear.

The shirt is made of bone color silk dupioni, snaps in the front and one pearl button in the mandarine collar. The shirt is actually a body suit so it stays tucked in the pants.

The pants are from indigo silk dupioni, cut in my variation of a traditional Hakama pants, lined with white china silk. The waistband extends and wrap around the waist, tied in a crisp knot in the front.

Included with the outfir is a pair of white mesh socks.

Doll and shoes are not included.


Hakama Sōji