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A non traditional icon.

The mask is made of air dry clay molded from a face mold.

Once dry I enhance the facial features such as the nose and lips. I spray paint the face with white spray paint and once dry I added the red make up.

The surround area around the face is made of strips of white plaster. I mold the strips and when its dry i cut the desired shape. Spray paint.

Once all the paint is dry I started with embelishment of the head dress.

I glued lace and sparyed with white paint.

The pearl beads were glued one at a time and so did the mulberry paper flowers and the small pearl bead in the center.

Once all was dry I added the tulle with the gold beads to finish the look.

I make the masks as I go along. I have an idea and I start with that idea in mind but as the project comes along I make changes and go with the flow until I get the finished look.

No two masks are alike and I usually do not make another one of the same.


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