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This dress started as a small idea that at some point took its own life and took over.

When I say it took over, I am not just using a figure of speech.

It took over three months of daily work to make this dress.

I wanted an elaborate dress using silk embroidery flowers as a decoration.

Needless to say, that the task was way too big and if I knew before I started the job what I discovered later on I might have given it a second thought.

Any way. How and what went into it.

The flowers were done using a technique of sewing kind of a web with fine thread, then weaving the ribbon while twisting it to get the rose petals, some have a light color in the center and another color in the outer rim.

The ribbons were all hand dyed to get the color spectrum that I wanted.

Once the dress was all sewn and done, I airbrushed the lower part of the dress with light purple textile dye to get a sheen to the white silk. The dress lining is made of silk taffeta in light gold. The outer shell is of bone silk dupioni.

There is under skirt crinoline made of layers of white and light purple tulle.

Now back to the floral treatment.

Once all the flower embroidery was done, I added mulberry paper flowers, silk roses and mulberry paper leaves to the embroidered flowers. All those were hand dyed to get the all over color scheme of the floral treatment.

The gloves are made of the same silk dupioni and is fastened with silk ribbon along the sides.

The head treatment is made of mulberry paper flowers hand dyed.

The doll wears white hose and lavender shoes.

Her jewelry is made of pearl seed beads and was done by me.

The doll was repainted by me as well.

The doll and all that was mentioned is included.

She will come in a bigger box with her stand.


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