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The Maisel collection update

Yes, it's been a while since my last blog. The Holidays came and went, and it's almost the end of february. So what have I been up to.

Well, I have been busy with few projects, so the collection took a back sit till I got the time to work on it.

I got a commission to design a fountain to a friend. So I put my tile designer hat and worked on designing and producing the tiles that are going to be a backdrop to the fountain.

In between I started a new series of paintings combining my tin toys collection and landscapes. A while ago I did a series of tin toys paintings,

and I decided to combine the toys with various landscapes.

While working on these projects I continued to work on the collection and its almost done.

These are only three of the outfits, and what I want to share with you is some news regarding the jackets that I make.

The flare jacket is a new version of a jacket that I made in the past.

The secret to this jacket is the cut of the fabric. The back should be cut on bias so the weight of the fabric creates the fullness.

Unfortunately because of the small scale, there is not enough weight to give the fullness as it will be in a life size jacket.

I played with the pattern and cut it in various ways, depend on the fabric used I got different results, some to my satisfaction, some not.

I watched a Youtube video about Channel construction of a jacket. What they do is put a chain at the hem line to add weight to the hem so the jacket will lie nicely on the body.

While working on this jacket the idea came to me to try it. So I put a chain along the hem line, not too heavy of a chain but enough to add some weight. You can't see the chain, its inside the jacket along the hem line and guess what? It works.

It adds just enough weight to give the jacket the fullness desired without adding too much weight.

So just know that there is a lot of stuff that goes into those jackets and if you can't see it but it looks great, well than my job is well done.

Hope You like this tidbit and updates.

The group will be done by next week.

I will keep you posted as to when the line is available for purchase.

Stay tuned

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