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Oh well....

I am known to be resilient and stubborn and will try doing something till I get it right.

Well the whole red leather shorts got me stumped.

I made the first pair, struggled with the sewing. I do not have a leather sewing machine so I used my embroidery machine that has a stronger motor than my regular sewing machine. All in all it was not bad. Not good either.

The bulkiness of the leather was very obvious in the waist and legs. It was too thick. The following day when I tried to add some eyelets in the front. That is after looking for the damn eyelets for almost two hours , and it kind of looked OK.

Than I discovered that while punching the holes, something went wrong and I punched a hole in the back leg.

There was no fixing this. So to the garbage it went.

I decided that i would just glue the lining, this time I will use light red flannel, I will leave the edges raw and not turn so I would avoid the bulkiness.

Sounds good right?


After doing all the gluing, putting the new eyelets, the leather cord. Gluing the lining, trimming the seam allowance and the darts, when I tried it on the seams opened.

At this point I had it. The two joined at the garbage bin.

No more leather shorts. Back to vinyl.

When I looked at my inventory of outfits, I realized that I have so many items that never sold as an outfit. So I took them out of the shop and will rework the outfits by adding new tops and bottoms.

I watched yesterday the Dior couture for fall/winter 2020 and loved many of the fashions. I mean black lace and tons of organza and tulle. What can go wrong?

Stay tuned that is what I said about the leather.

Till next time.

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