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In previous blog I covered the making of the skirt.

The jacket seemed at first to be a lot easier.

Well it wasn't.

I put the jacket together using red silk dupioni for both top and lining.

I tried it on the doll and the sleeves were too tight at the forearms.

I used the last of the fabric, I ordered more red silk but who knows when it will get here.

So I decided to throw it away and wait for the silk to arrive.

I took a break and then decide to open the seams where it was too tight and add 1/8" hoping it will

solve the problem.

It did.

Relieved I went on with the top layers.

I used silk organza in black, burgundy and light red.

I put the organza jacket together and attached it to the bodice using hand stitching.

Once this was all done, I started working on the shoulders.

Once the shoulders were attached,

And this is how it came out.

Till next time stay tuned for the next outfit.

Live long and prosper.



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