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Back to Black.

When I worked on the white florals for the 16" dolls, I found myself slowly adding black accents and looking for more inspiration I found all kind of goth fashion that was done using AI.

These designs are very elaborate and very much to my likings.

So, I decided to create a new group of fashion inspired by these AI creations.

The first dress is in gold silk dupioni decorated with intricate black flocked designs.

The designs are created and cut on my Cricut machine.

They are heat transferred to the dress.

The dress is mermaid style and is very fitted at the bodice.

In order to get the flounces flare and not stand to attention, I cut the dress on the bias.

It is amazing to see how positioning the fabric affect the look of the dress even at a small scale.

The dress will be available for purchase on my site later on this week.

I need to add some accessories to complete the look so stay tuned.

Till later.



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