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So I left you hanging where the outer shell was all done and so was the lining.

Now it was time to put it all together.

I attached the outer shell to the lining along the bust line and ironed it to be flat.

The top lay flat and fit along the bust.

The fit is tight and I like it a lot.

Once all the inner seams are done , the dress is finished.

I added layers of tulle,6 to the bottom of the lining, so in addition to the two layers of red tulle, now I had 8 layers of tulle all under the gold skirt.

Plenty of tulle to support the skirt and give it the fullness that I wanted.

Next it was time to do the drape over the front. I played with the fabric to try to get the right look of the drape and pinned as I went along.

Once all the drape was in place, I started attaching it to an under-layer of tulle to hole the whole thing together and then attach it to the dress.

All this sewing had to be done by hand.

And there it is. The look is the look that I wanted and I am happy with the results.

You can see more photos at the web site.

Till next time.



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