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Fall / Winter 2024

A new group is being created for Fall / Winter 2024.

After finishing the last outfit in the Back to Black group, I felt that for the time being I need to part from that line and start something new.

I started to explore a simpler line with adding geometric elements to it.

I have decided that those elements need to be structural, yet soft enough to conform to the body shape.

I settled on a thin compressed foam. It comes in sheets and is around 1/16" thick. I also wanted to be able to cut these foams on mu Cricut machine.

I experimented with the cutting and was very pleased with the results.

The first outfit which I called Ibiza, came to be.

I searched Pinterst and came upon this design which I liked but decided to modify it and make the squares rounded and uneven in size.

I cut the shapes and once I put the dress together, I started gluing the shapes on the dress.

I started form the bottom and worked my way up.

As I got to mid hip length, I decided that continuing with the same method will be too much, so I opted to glue the pieces with more space between them and as I go up to the bust line to have larger spaces between the shapes.

I liked it.

I have no idea why Ibiza came to mind, but I stayed with it and that's the name I gave the outfit.

The next outfit is in the making.

It's called Dandelion.

But that's a story for the next blog.

Till then live love and stay safe.



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