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It's been a while

Time flies and before you know it it's 2022.

So where have I been since the last blog.

Well, we moved a house to a new location. It was not fun moving after 25 years. Luckily, I have a big truck, so I got to move stuff and put in place so the whole packing up was not an issue.

Since the move I have been working on the Paris / Bombay line and at this point I am ready to move on.

I might get back to the Paris / Bombay at a later date when I feel excited about it.

So, now what?

I follow a classmate of mine on FB and saw that she is creating a collection of denim.

Denim | Nili Lotan. Nili and I went to college together in Israel and since then she created a wonderful label under her name.

Her denim collection gave me the inspiration to do a denim group for the male dolls which tend to get neglected by the females. So, the denim will cater to the guys and the ladies will get some as well.

The first pair of pants. This is the pattern test and as you can see the waist is too high and the whole top needs to be a bit larger.

So, the pattern was fixed, and the next pair hopefully will fit better.

The initial fabrication of the group. Light and heavy denim with wool blends for the jackets and brocade for the vests.

So, stay tuned and I will keep you posted in the next blog as I make progress.

Till later

Stay safe.


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