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Keeping it simple

I usually make a complete look. When I envision an outfit, I sometime start with the hair style and work my way around to all the small details such as shoes, jewelry, tights and the outfit itself. This process takes time and more effort in putting it all together.

I see other doll fashion creators that sell only the outfit. The price is lower and it seems that it sells.

In this time I need to sell something. Being an independent artist I take the good and the bad.

The good is that I work for myself, I decide on my hours, my style my creations. I am not abide to any one in any decision that I make. That is any creative decision.

The bad, I do not get a paycheck. If something sells, I get some income and can pay some bills. In these times I do not qualify to any assistance. I do not qualify to unemployment nor to any of the SBA payroll advances. Believe me I tried.

So I decided to try and sell only the outfit without the bells and whistles and to lower the price so at least it will not be too expensive since doll's clothes is not exactly on the top ten of expenses these days.

Hope you like these three outfits and I am planning on making more.

These three outfits consists of white silk organza blouses. The skirts are made of red silk dupioni, flocked in black over burgundy organza and silver organza.

All skirts are lined and have a wrap around waist band and close with a zipper in the back.

So stay tuned and if possible support all the independent artists that are trying to make a living.

Live long and prosper.


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