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It's always great when something works out.

It did take few trials but at the end I achieved the results I was after.

So this is how it went.

After pressing the fabric into one mold of the paper, It was clear to me that I needed another mold.

Luckily I found the paper on Amazon and it was delivered faster then I anticipated.

It too me less time to make the second mold, since at this point I knew exactly what I am doing, and once it was all done I placed the two molds together and steamed.

I left it overnight and the following day, yesterday I cut the fabric for the skirt.

I used white silk dupioni for the skirt and white china silk for the lining.

I sewed the hem line, ironed and placed on the mold.

I placed the second mold on top.

Then I started to fold the fan carefully making sure that both layers of paper mold are synched and the fabric stays in place. It took a while but went rather quickly and with no hair tearing .

Once it was folded I had to make sure that it did not folded on itself, so I added a piece of cardboard in the back for support and started tying the whole thing with a ribbon.

Once it was all secured I started steaming it. Since I don't have a steaming chamber, I used my steam iron.

I steamed it for about ten minutes flipping from front to back and left it tied over night.

This morning I opened the mold and took the fabric out.

It looked perfect.

So I added a zipper and a waist band and here is the final product.

I love it.

Now that I have a mold for the semi circle skirt fan pleater, I am excited about the new designs that I can make.

Stay tuned for the next blog on making the under skirt and jacket.

Till later



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