Welcome to My site

My site is dedicated to show case my fashion for fashion dolls.

As an avid doll collector and trained as a fashion designer I bring to you my fashion creations for other fashion doll collectors.

Much like fashion houses, I create at least four collections a year.

Each collection consists of five to ten outfits, each one of a kind.

The home page will change periodically based on new fashions that I create.

After debating what the next project is going to be, I have decided to revisit old projects that I liked and for some reason did only few outfits in that group.

Inspired by Chanel collection Paris/Bombay,  I have decided to do some new outfits with new fabrics that I have accumulated since.

So here it is the new collection updated for 2021.

And now continuing the line to 2022


The denim group came to be after seeing some interesting fashion in denim.

Being a fan, I have decided to make some new outfit for the guys and of course that lead to some female fashion as well. 

The first four are featured in the store and more are coming soon.

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