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Welcome to My site

My site is dedicated to show case my fashion for fashion dolls.

As an avid doll collector and trained as a fashion designer I bring to you my fashion creations for other fashion doll collectors.

Much like fashion houses, I create at least four collections a year.

Each collection consists of five to ten outfits, each one of a kind.

The home page will change periodically based on new fashions that I create.

I always liked a well constructed suit, and the 50's give us a lot of inspiration for the look. Its tailored and form fitting and I find it flattering to the female figure. Of course I don't have to wear it but my dolls do not complain.

So here is the group for the 16" fashion dolls.


The Garrick group is inspired by the photography of Josh Garrick.

Josh has been photographing and teaching groups from the US in Greece, all about ancient Greece culture and mythology.

Inspired by his work I got permission to use his photographs in my fabrics design.

I use inkjet printer and print the images on paper mounted treated silk.

I hope you like the results.

The group will feature fashion for 16" and 12" dolls.

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