Welcome to My site

My site is dedicated to show case my fashion for fashion dolls.

As an avid doll collector and trained as a fashion designer I bring to you my fashion creations for other fashion doll collectors.

Much like fashion houses, I create at least four collections a year.

Each collection consists of five to ten outfits, each one of a kind.

The home page will change periodically based on new fashions that I create.

Mood Indigo Homme is a continuation of my Mood Indigo line.

Once I started the line for the girls, I did a small group for the guys. I enjoyed working on this line so I have decided to continue and explore the theme.

I have added new fabrics. Lots of quilted and hand dyed, plus block prints that I designed and printed.

Creating the fabrics is as exciting and challenging as making the designs.

The new group combines both men and women's wear.

The Maisel collection is now becoming available to 12" dolls. I am making some new exciting dresses for the smaller dolls. The dresses will fit most 12" bodies.


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