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Welcome to My site

My site is dedicated to showcase my fashions for fashion dolls.

As an avid doll collector and trained as a fashion designer I bring to you my fashion creations for other fashion doll collectors.

Much like fashion houses, I create at least four collections a year.

Each collection consists of five to ten outfits, each one of a kind.

The home page will change periodically based on new fashions that I create.

It's time for new fashion.

It started with refining my design for a blouse/body suit.

I have used this pattern in the past, but I wanted to work on the fitting and that led to this new group of fashion for both sizes dolls.

Once I got good fit for the 16" dolls, I reduced the pattern for the 12" dolls.

So here you have the results for this Fall collection.

More fashion is in the making.

Black Jasmin
Black Chrysanthemum
Black Iris
Black Cala
Black Dahlia
Black Tulip

The woollies group.

A new group with 50"s flair with contemporary take on the look. 


A few months ago I was contacted by Jozef Szekeres, who created GlamourOz dolls.

I followed Jozef for years on Facebook and was following his process of creating his line and producing it in China.

I liked the dolls but was working mostly with Integrity FR16 dolls.

In our communication it was decided that we will trade, an outfit for a doll.

When I got the box, I was surprised to find two dolls in the box.

I dressed them in some outfits, and it was very clear from the get-go that it will not do.

These dolls deserve a line of their own with their own measurements something that will be created especially for them.

I continued the Edwardian, steam punk look that both Jozef and I liked and created five designs that   we both agreed on and loved.

What you see is the first line of outfits that was designed for these dolls. I must admit that I fell in love with these dolls and that they are my new fashion muses.

I repaint them and give them their own personalities.

They are the new fashion models in my couture studio.

The fashion will fit most 16" dolls with similar measurements but please keep in mind that the fashion is tailored for these specific dolls.

I will take only 3 orders from each design and will make them as per ordered.

Hope you like this group.

Continuing to design for the Glamouroz and other 16" dolls with similar bodies, I found that I am drifting to black. I like the drama that a black outfit creates and following the goth look, I decided to create a special group for these designs.

Red Cala.JPEG

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