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Custom Dolls

Inspired by Alexander McQeen fashion, here is my version.

Red silk dupioni top, covered with black lace and beaded with red beads.

The skirt is red silk dupioni pleated in radiator pleats, lined with black tulle.

The doll is Tonner Antoinette, repainted by me. She had haunting ice blue eyes, red lips and black hair.

The head piece is made of black tulle. Her earrings are from red beads.

She will be shipped with her stand.

Beautiful Tonner Antoinette repaint by me.

She has strawberry blond long hair that is done in twists to get a beautiful up-do.

Her hair is decorated with black roses and tulle.

Her eyes are light green and her lips are painted with blood red.

Her dress is made of black tulle top over a black silk dupioni top. The skirt is made of black coated fabric that for the life of me I have no idea whats it called. I got it in one of my trips to Israel. The skirt is lined with black tulle to get the fullness. The top is decorated with beads and black iridescent square and round sequences. Her earrings are made of black and silver beads.

She will be shipped with her stand.