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I always liked to design for the guys, but for one reason or other they always took the back sit to the ladies in my collection.

I designed and produced a mini collection for the Jamie Show guys and always thought I'd come back to designing for them.

The time was right, I finished the last of the female outfits and decided to work on the guys.

It started with the shoes that I collected for the guys for the last couple of years. I LOVE shoes. I would gladly wear any of those shoes myself. The designs followed.

Being that not all male dolls are built the same, I found out that the main problem is finding a nice fitting of the pants since the waist size is different from Tonner dolls to JS.

So I came up with an idea of creating an adjustable wiast band. There is a buckle on each waist and it can be adjusted to fit the doll that will wear the pants. The tops were easier since they did not requiered tight fitting.

So here are the first batch of my collection for the guys.

All pants are fully lined and have two side pockets and on welt pocket in the back.

All shirts are lined with the same fabric as the outer shell, being that I used hankerchief linen it was not too bulky. All have a welt pocket in the front.

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