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Will these outfits be produced in editions? No. These are one-of-a-kind creations, and they will not be reproduced as is. That being said, Ayal may choose to produce variations using the patterns he developed for these or color variants, but any resulting new design would be substantially different from these originals.


I love the dolls used to model, can I buy them? The models shown in the photographs are customized by Ayal using Integrity Toys’ FR16 dolls, and they are from Ayal’s personal collection. He can customize your FR16 doll to look like any of them, and he typically charges $85 inclusive of both hair styling and face painting. He can also style other types of dolls as well in a style that is similar to make-up and hair styles shown in the CI photographs.


Does Ayal accept commissions? As a rule Ayal will take commissions only of his own designs and if the fabrics are available he will recreate a design that been done before.  Ayal will customize a 16" design to fit 12" dolls.


Will Ayal customize dolls for me? Yes! See above…


Will the dark colored linings stain my doll? Lining fabrics have been tested, tightly bound to both hard plastic and vinyl portions of the doll. As of several months, no staining shows on the doll – one that has been stored exclusively in an air-conditioned environment.


What forms of payment do you accept? VISA/MC, Discover, PayPal, and Cash.


What are the prices for these outfits? The prices range from $200 to $300 per hand-made ensemble. They included the outfit and accessories as shown, and described in the wrtten text.


What is Ayal working on now? Ayal is adapting exisitng designs to the 12inch scale, and he is orchestrating new projects for the coming year.


Will there be a certificate of authenticity issued for outfits in the collection? These were issued for the debut colelction, but they are not being issued with subsequent collections.


How do the outfits come packaged? Once purchased, each outfit will be neatly and safely placed in a gift box with tissue, carrying Ayal’s seal.


What other dolls will these outfits fit? JAMIEshow (including Gene Marshall), 16” Poppy Parker/Tulabelle, Avant-Gardes, Kingdom Doll, and Tonner’s Antoinette and smaller Tyler body all have similar measurements allowing for a lovely fit for even the tightest of silhouettes. Many items that are not closely fit to the bust and hip will also fit The Sybarites in both resin and vinyl versions.


Can you ship my outfit to me? Yes! We will ship your purchase using USPS 2nd Day Priority Mail, there is a flat fee charge of &10.00 for shipping and handling. We usually ship right away once a purchace is complete. Multiple items will be shipped together and there will only be one charge for the shipping.

Over seas shipping will be calculated based on country of customer.



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