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Fall 2017 started as an idea to use challis fabrics. When I was searching for the fabrics I came across the leopard print one and from that the whole color scheme came to be.

I used wool blend challis in black red and a beautiful print in blue and rust over a white body.

The look was kind of tailored, I wanted dresses and jackets. The dresses are in two styles, a square neck one and round flat neck on the other. Both fitted on the body and knee length. I used the pattern of the two dresses for all six outfits.

The jackets varied based on how I perceived the look of the outfit.

The hats started with a simple pillbox in faux leopard fur, and from there I decided to make the hats a bit more elaborate and bigger. After all it’s for dolls and why not push limits and exaggerate. Right? Right!

The jewelry is made by my friend Vered, who is a master of doing small stuff. She made some necklaces in the past for me and I wanted multiple rows of beads that will complement the outfits. The earrings are made by me to finish the look.

Hope you like this small group.

These outfits will fit most 16” dolls.

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