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This new line for Spring/summer 2017 is a small line, only six outfits. I wanted the line to be fun and colorful. I used floral designs to accentuate the mostly white outfits. The outfits are decorated with hand painted flowers, hand painted silk flowers and embroidery. I wanted to have fun making these outfits and that was one of the main decisions in making more than one of each.

With the new Spring/ Summer line I decided to try something new.

Being that the line is made to order based on orders received, I will release items as soon as I finish making the prototype. This way you get more time to look at the items and as someone point to me, make funds available and not miss on an outfit.

The price range for each outfit will be from $150 - $200.

Outfits will not include shoes or accessories. 

Accessories will be sold separately as a one of a kind.

In this line, I chose to do a smaller line. It started with eight outfits and then since I had two vests left I added two more outfits to go with the vests.

The influence for the line came from 80's fashion.

I liked the layered look and the bright colors that were featured in the fashion forecasts for the season.

I used china silks in all the linings of the garments. They are all lined. I found this silk to be durable and easy to work with. Plus the dye will not stain the vinyl.

The other fabric selection were linen/cotton blends, cotton, flannel and fleece.

All furs are synthetic. I do not like to use real fur for my designs.

I had to be creative in the hardware that I used. Since I did not want to use snaps for everything, I found those metal clips with chains at Michaels, and the idea came to use it with D rings for the closures. I also found the small plastic clips that worked well proportion wise and are fully functional.

All the jewelry was done by me as well.

The fashion is for 16" dolls, and will fit most 16" dolls since the fit is rather loose.

I hope you like the line as much as I did designing and making it.


Dolls are not included in the sale.





It started with an idea of the thirties fashion. When I was at the IT convention last October, I visited the Queen Mary that is docked at Long Beach, and the name came through. The Queen mary line.

A period line of fashion for a cruise on the Queen Mary. The line consists of three groups. Day wear, Afternoon stroll and evening wear.

I used very light fabrics for the line. Handkerchief linens, Dupioni silks and china silks. The color scheme is pastels for the day wear and afternoon walk, and  white with color acccents for the evening wear.

The line is produced for the 16" dolls, and will fit the fr16, Antoinette body type, JS, and most of other 16" dolls.


The luggage that is featured in the day wear group, will be gifted to the first person who buys four outfits at the same time.

The luggage was done by me as a prop. It is made of thin balsa wood, covered in cream jute fabric. Decorated with tan leather corners and straps. Golden buckles and nails complete the look.

The luggage can open and is fully functioning.











The great response for the Highlander collection for 16" dolls, Inspired Ayal to create the line for the 12" dolls collectors. 

The line was launched at the IT Cinematic convention, and is now offered at Couture Illustarted site.

The outfits will fit most of the 12" dolls bodies including Silkstone barbie.

Fall.Winter 2015



Ayal Armon’s 2015 Mini-Collection Exclusively for HauteDoll Magazine based on his Fall.Winter Collection - Highlander Collection



Ayal Armon’s 2015 Fall.Winter Collection - Highlander - invokes shapes, colors and luxury appointments inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Chanel and Alexander McQueen. Three Groups to tantalize your Couture Musings: Winter White, Highlander Tartans, and Midnight Queen. Outfits were fitted on Integrity Toys' FR16 dolls, and will fit fine fashion dolls such as  JAMIEshow, 16inch Poppy Parker, Kingdom Doll, Tonner's Antoinette, and the smaller Tyler body - many of the fashions will also fit The Sybarites where bust and hip are not fully fitted.

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