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 The Queen Mary line



 Pastel light green handkerchief linen vest and wide leg pants. Blouse in white handkerchief linen with  scarf collar which fasten to the vest in the front. Hand embroidery details at the sleeves cuffs.

Bothe vest and pants are lined with white china silk.

The outfit is completed with a linen hat light green shoes and quartz beads earrings.

Pastel colors hand bag complete the outfit.



Lavender handkerchief linen dress with two deep pleats in the sides. The pleats are closed with trim detail to knee length.

Wide folded collar from off white handkerchief linen and sleeves details in the same off white linen. The dress is lined with white china silk.

A belt from the off white linen, and a hat from the lavender linen with large bow on the side.

A little round pocket book in lilac and off white shoes complete the outfit.

Earrings with garnet beads are included.



A nautical theme outfit. Dark blue silk dupioni wide leg pants with side closure. A white silk dupioni fitted double breasted jacket with blue collar.

Jacket is decorated with four blue buttons.

Both pants and jacket are lined with white china silk.

Elbow length gloves, navy blue shoes and earrings with red stone complete the outfit.

Head scarf worn as a turban, made from the same silk fabric.



Mauve handkerchief linen dress with side panels and pleats. The pleats are closed to knee length with a decorative embroidery stitch.

wide bone color hankerchief linen collar and wide cuffs. The belt is made of the same fabric as well with golden buckle. The dress is lined wit white china silk.

A hat of mauve linen decorated with white rose.

The earrings are made of floral beads and rhinestones.

Peach color suede shoes comlete the outfit.




Light pistachio hankerchief linen dress with a symetrical closure in the front. 

Baloon sleeves in yellow handkerchief linen and pistachio. Yellow shawl collar. Pleat in the center front. Decorated with yellow buttons, lined with the yellow linen. Yellow linen belt. Medium rim pistachio hat and white and cream mid ankle shoes.

Earrings are made of bone beads.



A white silk dupioni dress. Wide pleated sleeves that taper towards the cuffs. A symmetrical cuts through the bust and hip lines. Pleates in the front and back. All decorated with top stitch.

Blue collar of silk dupioni.

The dress is lined with white china silk.

White silk hat, blue belts and cream shoes complete the outfit.


Afternoon stroll


A suit in light aqua.  

The skirt is made of silk dupioni with inserts in the front and back of ink jet printed roses. Decorated along the front and back seams in red stitches.

Blouse of inkjet printed silk in a pattern of cabbage roses, designed by me. Large bow attached to the collar.

Jacket made of metalic finish linen. A symmetrical hem line. Midriff length in the front rounding along the waist to the back. wide collar.

All items are lined with white china silk.

Completing the outfit, a raffia hat decorated with pink roses, stud earrings. Challis shawl with fringes and white and aqua shoes. Peach color hose included as well.


A hip length top, made of ink jet printed silk, with rose design by me. Puffed elbow length sleeves, scarf collar and belt with shell buckle. Top is lined with white china silk.

Skirt made of black silk dupioni with closed to knee length pleats in the front. Decorated with red top stitches. Lined with white china silk.

Pink raffia hat decorated with two silk roses.

Pearl beads earrings and challis shawl. Peach hose and off white shoes complete the outfit.



A classic suit. Sleeveless blouse of white china silk with wide collar and hand embroidery around the edge.

A black single breasted jacket, of silk dupioni. Hand embroidery embellishment along the shoulder line to the front and back, in green and red. Two red buttons decorated the front.

Narrow skirt made of wool challis.

Jacket and skirt are lined with red china silk.

Wide brim raffia hat decorated with challis fabric ribbon as the skirt. Stud earrings, faux fur shawl, red shoes and peach hose complete the outfit.


An off white silk dupioni suit.

The suit is decorated with vine roses machine embroidery.

Double breasted jacket closes with two hooks, lined with white china silk.

Sleeveless blouse made of ink jet printed silk, in a pattern of roses. Designed by me. scarf collar creates a bow tie.

Narrow skirt, decorated with vine roses, lined with white china silk. Red raffia hat, wool challis shawl, off white hose, red and white shoes complete the outfit.


A drama dress.

Made of black silk dupioni. Embellished with red machine embroidery at the sides and sleeves. White silk dupioni envelope neck treatment with three red buttons.

 Silk pleated organza around the sleeves and at knee length to mid cuff.

Dress is lined with white china silk. Belt is twisted in black and white with red button.

A silk dupioni hat folded and decorated with red button.

Faux fur shawl, white beads earrings and black shoes complete the outfit.


A coat dress. Made of antique gold silk dupioni. 

Ink jet printed silk with an original design ( designed by me) is used as inserts at the seams to achieve the flare.

Top stitch in contrasting color along the seams. 

Long sleeves, a collar of the same printed fabric. A short cape of the same silk dupioni fabric.

The dress is lined with peach china silk.

Earrings with yellow stones. Straw color raffia hat, and burgundy off white shoes. Faux fur shawl.

Peach color hose are included as well.

Evening Wear


A classic evening dress in white silk dupioni. 

Embellished in hand embroidery along the front right side. Open back. Black and white twisted belt.

Black and white shawl with fringes. Black shoes and pearl beads earrings and necklace.

White full length gloves with black bow. ( the gloves are four fingers to fit dolls that two middle fingers are fused)


A glamorous evening dress. 

The top is made of off white silk dupioni, heart shape neckline. Silk organza cover the front and back and extends with two wide sleeves.

The organza is hand embroidered and decorated with 3mm sequins.

The hem line of the top is also decorated with hand embroidery and sequins.

The top is lined with white china silk.

The underskirt is made of peach pleated china silk.

A printed pleated shawl, peach hose, white shoes.

The jewelry is made of gold and quartz beads.


A drama galore.

A white and red silk celebration. White silk dupioni fitted bodice, open back. Lined with white china silk.

A symmetrical cut from hips to knees, with semi circle red china silk, lined with orange china sil. White silk ribbon is fastned along the seam line, finished with big bow.

A red and orange china silk swag drapes along the front and twists in the back. Decorated with gold beads and red stones on the shoulders. Gold beads earrings. Peach hose and red shoes.

Faux fur shawl complete the dramatic look of this outfit.


A halter top fitted bodice in white silk dupioni. Lined in orange china silk.

The bottom of the dress is a semi circle orange china silk, lined with the same fabric. White silk ribbon fastened with gold silk ribbon along the seam line.

Two swags are attached to the neck straps and cascades along the back.

Black shoes, pearl beads necklace, red beads earrings and faux fur shawl complete the outfit.


 A classic elegance with a touch of drama.

White silk dupioni fitted bodice. Heart shape neck line that fits nicely across the bust. 

Lined with mauve china silk. Decorated with gold and garnet beads straps over the shoulders. Drapes in the front and splits to drape along he hips.

The lower part is a semi circle mauve china silk, pleated in the back and decorated along the seam line with white and burgendy twisted silk ribbons.

Hoop gold earrings, black beads bracelet and shear shawl with gold threads and sparkles.

Black shoes.


A white silk dupioni bodice with dropped shoulders. Lined with purple china silk. Purple ribbon gatered and fastened along the neck line with red silk ribbon. Decorated with red satin roses.

The lower part is made of semi circle purple china silk, lined with the same fabric. Pleated in the back with longer hem line. Decorated with a wide ribbon of the same fabric, tied at the side and drapes along the skirt.

Gold stud earrings. Peach hose and mauve shoes.

A shear shawl with gold threads and gold sparkles complete the outfit.

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