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Celadon Lace.

The newest addition to the welcome Ellowyne group.

The dress top is made of embroidered brocade with a square neckline and the bottom part is dyed lace. 

The lace was dyed to match the overall celadon look of the dress. I deeped the bottom in the dye and wet the top and flipped it so the dye will slowly run into the top of the dress. This allowed me to get the faded look that you see in the finished dress. The lace was ironed so the dye will set. Still I do not recommend washing the dress.

The dress top is lined with white china silk and the dress close with a zipper and a hook in the back.

The sleeves are wide at the wrist and also dyed.

The earrings are made of various color pearl beads.

The doll and shoes are not included.

Celadon Lace

$120.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price
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