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The new outfit in the Fall 2023 group.

While experimenting with my blouse pattern, looking for the best fit, I cut one in a bright yellow china silk.

It was supposed to be a test.

But it looked so good, that I have decided to include it with the group.

So, the top, blouse/ bodysuit, is made of china silk. Hass puffed sleeves and is decorated with pearl buttons.

The skirt came to be by using an old fabric that I got few years back. It’s pleated tartan that I love, yet I could not find the best use for the fabric. That is till now.

The top shell is made of black worsted wool, lined with black china silk and underneath I used the pleated tartan. It looked great and the perfect fit.

Finally I found the best use for this fabric and will probably use this combination in new outfits to join the group.

Sale is for outfit only no accessories.

The doll is not included.


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