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A new outfit just joined the Woolies 2024 group.

Sometimes an outfit starts with an idea, then comes the sketch, the pattern and finally the outfit.

Glynis went through various changes from the initial sketch to the finished garment.

Initially I wanted an all-red dress with the houndstooth jacket.

I made the dress, but it went to another outfit, so I made the red skirt from a red wool fabric that I have. I lined the skirt with a leopard lining fabric. It has a zipper and hook in the back.

Then I made the red blouse, but when I tried the jacket, the sleeves were too tight to fit nicely over the long sleeves, so I made the light mint silk dupioni halter top.

I applied the lace ruffle in the front to add interesting detail to the front.

The jacket is made of wool blend houndstooth in black and white.

It has extended shoulders, padded, and long slits along the wrists.

The jacket flares some at the waist.

The jacket is fully lined with black china silk.

The shoes and earrings are included.

Doll not included.


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