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A new outfit in the woolies group.

It seems that the woolies are slowly becoming a riding group, but for the sake of keeping things simple I will keep the new wave in the same group.

The outfit is a marvel of pleating and fine tailoring.

A white sleeveless blouse with a long scarf for a collar that is tied as a cravat in the front and has a brooch in metallic gold for decoration.

The skirt is made of a fine wool suiting fabric. The front top panel is pleated and is curved at the hem line to expose the under layer.

The skirt is form fitting and is lined with flesh color china silk.

The jacket is made of fine wool suiting in rust color and is lined with the same flesh color china silk as the skirt.

The jacket is double breasted, cropped in the front and is pleated along the back with two flare panels on the sides.

The jacket fits beautifully, extended shoulders with shoulder pads that are attached under the lining. You cannot see them, only take my word for it.

 The top hat is made by me as well from black felt and is decorated with black fine tulle.

The earrings are made of gold metal with dangling stone.

The boots are from Paul Zhangby, patent leather and knee high.

Doll is not included.


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