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A new outfit in the woolies group.

The outfit is inspired by Dior 2010 couture.

It’s a bit of a break from the ‘look’ of the woolies, It looks equestrian, yet I feel that it belongs in the group.

The outfit consists of a china silk blouse in peach.

The blouse is sleeveless and has a long scarf for a collar, that ties in the front and is decorated with a red stones broach.

The skirt is made of red wool blend, has pleats in the front and is midcalf length.

The jacket is made of grey worsted wool, tight fitting at the torso, and has a welt pocket on the left side. The shawl collar is two tones, black on the outside.

The jacket has a peplum that is attached to the waist.

The top hat is made of black felt and is decorated with black tulle.

The outfit includes earrings, red four finger gloves and black boots.

All done by me except for the boots.

Doll is not included.


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