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Black Chrysanthemum

A new outfit in the Fall/Winter 2023 group.

I think with the new direction the group is taking, I should call it the Victorian group.

But there’s time for that.

This outfit started with an organza blouse with a faulty small snap.

I sewed all the snaps on the blouse and for some reason the one at the collar would not close.

These are mini clear plastic snaps that I thought will work fine with the white organza blouse, so after I replaced the snap with another one that did not work as well and taking the stitches out started raveling the fabric, I gave up and considered throwing the blouse away.

I did not.

I decided to mend the raveling and covered the collar with lace.

Then I added lace to the sleeves cap and the front of the blouse.

I also added a black zig zag trim to the front lace.

I posted the photo, and it was a hit.

So, I decided to add a high waist skirt to that outfit.

I ordered all kinds of black lace trims, and the rest is what you see.

The skirt body is made of black crepe worsted wool, lined with black china silk.

The bottom part is made of one layer of black silk dupioni with two layers of black tulle under that layer.

On top I added three layers of black lace trims in various length

The top layer of trim is fastened to the top of the skirt.

Under she is wearing black tights, black ankle boots.

The jewelry is made of gold post with light pink glass bead.

The doll is not included.

Black Chrysanthemum

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