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A new outfit in the After Dior group.

Let’s start with the skirt.

This time I decided to make the skirt a full circle instead of the semi-circle I did for the white skirt.

I cut the circle using red silk dupioni and lined it with light red silk organza.

I used my fan pleater to pleat the skirt. It spent four days in the pleater with a daily dose of steaming.

Once I took it out of the pleater I added a waist band and a zipper in the back and two snaps for closure.

While the skirt was in the pleater I worked on the jacket.

It’s made of silver acetate fabric which is soft and crinkly.

Once the jacket was done, I started applying layers of black silk organza and black tulle in order to get the various degree of darkness.

The layers were hand stitched to the silver shell.

I steamed the jacket in order to get the collar to sit just right and in places I hand stitched it, so it stays in the placement I liked.

At first, I considered making an underskirt but when I put the outfit on the doll, I realized that it does not need anything for the fullness. The skirt has enough fabric to give it the fullness that I was after.

The outfit come with grey tights, silver shoes and the jewelry which consists of the black beads necklace, silver beads earrings and a black bracelet.

The belt is made of leather in snake sking print. The belt goes through a loop in the back and ties in the front.

The doll is not included.


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