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A new exciting gown just joined the couture line of evening gowns.

The gown is made of white silk dupioni. It is cut on the bias, which makes for a better fitting on the doll’s body.

Th neckline is a halter top.

The bodice is form fitting and lined with white china silk, it is knee length, has a zipper and hook in the back for closure.

I wanted to make the bottom part interesting and used Dior couture line from 2007 as an inspiration.

I cut a seven 2” wide band from the silk, stitched them together. I used fray check along the edges and then started applying the long band along the

hem line. I went up and down creating an uneven line around the bodice attaching each fold at the bodice.

For finish I added a band along one side of the bodice.

It looked great but was too white and I wanted to avoid the bride’s look.

S, I airbrushed the folds with mauve textile paint.

I wanted to make the folds stand out and for the paint to emphasize the folds.

I am happy with the results and hope you will find it appealing to add to your dolls’ wardrobe.

The outfit comes with black four fingers opera gloves, black beads earrings and necklace and black shoes.

Doll is not included.


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