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The new outfit in the After Dior group is ready.

Considering the fact that I rarely work in greens, this outfit is a rhapsody in greens.

I got the embroidered apple green silk dupioni few years ago. Used it once in an earlier collection and it’s been waiting all this time to emerge.

So, what went into making this outfit.

The under dress is made of chartreuse silk dupioni top lined with same color china silk.

The bottom part is made of six layers of tulle in aqua, light yellow and lime green.

The top is fan folded silk organza which I dyed in apple green.

Once the underdress was all done, I started working on the top or coat if you want.

I used the embroidered silk lined with apple green china silk. Once the outfit was all put together, I started folding the collar and front to achieve the look that you now see.

The folds were fastened with invisible seams to hold them in place.

The hat is made of the same fabrics that I used in the dress and is fastened with a pin.

The jewelry is made of miniature beads in aqua, light pink and light green.

The earrings are made of the same beads.

The shoes are in light green and from Paul Zhangby.

The doll is not included.



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