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A new outfit in the Garrick group.

This one is for the 12” dolls.

It started with designing the fabric. I found the image of the statue on Pinterest, and true to the concept of the group, I tinted the image to look rusty and printed the images in semicircle so I can give the skirt a nice flow. The last photo shows the fabric printed before I cut it, so you can get an idea what it looks like all flat.

The dress is made of silk. The top is form fitting.

The skirt is semicircle and flows around the body.

I added a scarf around the bust draping along the shoulders and flows at the back to give the dress ‘wings’.

The scarf is made from China silk, cut on the bias and tea dyed.

The jewelry is made of mini pearl beads and metal for the bracelets.

I ordered some shoes for the 12” dolls and they are on the way from China. So, shoes and doll are not included

Dimitra 12"

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