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Elle dorado.

 A new outfit in the Fall / winter collection. By now its not just a group and being that I have some more ideas for this line, its officially a collection.

This outfit consists of a jacket, made of gold brocade paisly pattern fabric. The jacket is hip length fitted at the waist and wider at the hips. Long sleeves and a mandarine collar. The jacket is lined with gold color silk tafeta.

The skirt is made of few layers of fabric. The outer shell is black lace and underneath there are layers of gold organza and black silk organza. The layers give the skirt its fullness and gives a hint of color. The skirt is cut in a semicircle which in itself gives it the fullness. The skirt is floor length.

The skirt closes with a zipper and a hook in the waist.

The scarf is made of soft ruffled tulle.

The earrings are made of gold glass beads. The necklace is made of gold chain with black tiny beads.

The outfit comes with the jewelry and black lace tights and shoes.

Doll is not included.

The 'gloves' are painted hands of dolls that were discolored and I chose to reapropriate them. 

Elle dorado

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