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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a doll collector who wanted to commission me to make a Wonder Woman outfits for his Tonner 22”

And Deeanna doll body.

I made the outfits and decided that my one and only Deenna Denton deserves a new outfit.

I had few of these dolls but sold them and now I have only one.

So, I decided on a pattern using the Wonder Woman outfit as a base.

The outfit was made from cranberry color silk dupioni, lined with black china silk.

The outfit has a halter top neckline with deep cleavage.

The dress closes with a zipper in the back.

The outer skirt is made of the same silk dupioni, lined with red china silk.

I attached the outer skirt to the bodice in increments, creating folds and having a Swarovski red bead anchor the center of each fold.

I am only offering the dress without any of the accessories that are seen in the photos

Doll is not included.


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