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The first in my new group of Mood Indigo.

Inspired by Japanese trditional wear, I took the trditional kimono top and the male Hakama pants and crested my take on the look. I am not looking to recreate the trditional fashion, but inspired by it and create a contemporary fashion for the 16" dolls.

The top is made of white hankerchief linen, lined with white china silk, decorated along the neck line with swarovsky pearl beads.

The pants are made of indigo silk dupioni. Has deep pleats in the front and one deep pleat in the back. Lined with white china silk. The waist band wraps around the waist and go through a slit to the front to tie in a bow, showing the contrasting color.

The earrings are made of silver metal and pink beads. The head pins are in gold metal with pink beads. 

The shoes are gold and are by Paul Zhangby

The doll is not included.


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