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Mood Indigo Homme. Fashion for 17" male dolls.

Hakama Issey consists of few elements that create this Japanese inspired outfit.

I am influenced in this group by Japanese traditional fashion and once I started it seems only fittting to continue in the same spirit as the original Mood Indigo that I made for the female dolls.

The outfit consist of hakama pants, inspired by Issey Miyake fashion,made of indigo silk dupioni. The pants are tight and form fitting, over the pants there is a pleated section that cover 3/4 of the waist circumferance, pleated.  The pants are lined with white china silk, has a wrap around waist band that crosses around the back and ties in the front.

The shirt is made of white crinkled cotton, has snaps in the front and decorated with white buttons.

The jacket is made of indigo printed cotton in a kimono style pattern. The fabric is quilted by me on my sewing machine.The jacket is lined with inkjet printed silk that I printed in my studio using traditional japanese prints as a resource.


The dolls and shoes are not included.

Hakama Issey

$175.00 Regular Price
$131.25Sale Price
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