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Hakama Ketsueki.

Hakama blood, a beautiful outfit for your Samurai. In case you happen to have one.

The outfit consists of bone color silk dupioni shirt which is a body suit so it won't ride up. Thye shirt closes in the front with snaps, has a pearl button in the mandarine collar.

The pants are 3/4 lengthmy version of the trditional hakama pants. They are made of hand printed with red dye silk dupioni. The pants are lined with white china silk. The waist band extendes and wrap around the wiast and ties in the front.

The vest is short and is made of quilted blue wood block print cotton. The vest is lined with printed sik depicting japanese scene.

The over coat is made of sheer silk organza dyed with red textile paint along the edges.

The outfit also include a tie dye indigo leggings.

Doll and shoes are not included.

Hakama Ketsueki

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