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Hakama Red.

Continuing my Mood Indigo collection, I am adding new outfits.

Adding new fabrics and new ideas, I elaborated on the new designs, yet tried to keep the same spirit of Japanese influence on the designs.

Hakama Red is a combination of ink jet printed silks and hand painted fabrics.

The Hakama pants are made of hand printed silk dupioni.

Inspired by Japanese block print, I made a stamp and using textile red dye I stamped the fabric.

The pants are lined with white china silk, has a wide waist band that wraps around the waist and ties in the front.

Under the pants there are tight fit leggings in a tie dye indigo pattern.

The shirt is made of white china silk, snaps in the front and decorated with silver metalic buttons. The shirt is long kind of a tunic, has slits at the side seams.

The jacket is made of quilted hand silk dupioni.

As with the pants, I created a stamp and stamped the fabric to add an element of block print.

The jacket is lined with inkjet printed silk. 

Doll and shoes are not included.

Hakama Red

$185.00 Regular Price
$148.00Sale Price
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