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Hakama Samurai Elle.

Continuing my Mood Indigo collection, I am adding new outfits.

Adding new fabrics and new ideas, I elaborated on the new designs, yet tried to keep the same spirit of Japanese influence on the designs.

Hakama Samurai Elle is a combination of ink jet printed silks and hand painted fabrics.

While working on the men's wear, I got some new ideas for the women's wear as well. So I decided to combine the two.

This way I managed to create a continuation of an idea from men's wear to women's wear and keep both lines as one.

The Hakama pants are made of ink jet printed silk depicting a Samurai in a battle, in black and red. The pants are lined with china silk, has wide waist band that wraps around the waist  and ties in the front.

The tunic is made of white silk organza, snaps in the front and is open at the side seams waist to create a slit.

The jacket is made of quilted white china silk that I hand painted with blue and red textile dyes.

The jacket is lined with ink jet printed silk.

The earrings are made of black beads and gold chain.

 Doll and shoes are not included.

Hakama Samurai Elle

$175.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
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