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A new outift in a new group for Fall / Winter 2024.

The dress came about a desire to break away from my usual designs. I wanted to combine elements that I haven't used in the past with some simpler silhouettes. 

I started with a strapless mid length fitted silhouette of a basic dress.

I used ivory wool blend and lined the dress with white china silk.

For decoration I got inspired by geometric designs that I saw and decided to create rounded asymmetrical squares with rounded edges.

Once the design was done, I transferred it to my Cricut machine which cut the shapes the way I wanted.

Then the gluing started.

I started at the hem line and worked my way up covering the lower layer.

Once I got to the hip line, I decided to give the shapes more room and glued them with more and more space as I got to the neckline.

The overall look was more pleasing to me this way instead of continuing with the full rows.

The squares are made of compressed foam sheets that I got at Michael’s. They are light weight and flexible to form in almost any shape.

In order to reduce price and seeing comparable fashion on the market I decided to sell only the dress with shoes and tights.

Doll and jewelry are not included.


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