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While waiting for my indigo fabrics to arrive from India I decided to make my own in the meantime.

So here are the results.

The blouse is made of white silk dupioni with long kimono sleeves. The silk is hand pasinted with bold strokes of indigo textile dye. The blouse is lined with white china silk.

The skirt is made of handkerchief linen, hand printed with indigo with a rubber stamp that I customized. The skirt was hand pleated, is lined with white china silk and has a zipper in the back.

The top skirt cover, or whatever you want to call it, is made of indigo silk dupioni, lined with white china silk. It has long waist band that goes around the waist through a button hole and ties in the front. It is hand pleated in a Hakama pants manner.

The earrings are made of golden studs with black beads hanging.

Doll is not included.


Indigo pleated

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