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A beautiful outfit inspired by Dior 2011 couture that was created by Galliano.

The outfit is very 50's in style and is a classic.

There is a lot that went into creating and making this outfit. Just like the original at Dior, there is a lot in the outfit that is not visible.

Unlike the house of Dior, that has a hugh crew to create one outfit. I am a crew of one.

The skirt is made of silver silk blend fabric, lined with two layers of red tulle and one layer of red glitter tulle. 

Then I start pleating the fabric ironing and steaming between folds.

Once that is done, I added the waist band and closures in the back. In this case three hooks.

The jacket was a work in progress. I made it as I went along.

The bodice and main skirt are made of red silk dupioni. The top is lined with the same silk, the skirt is lined with red taffeta.

The skirt is folded and pleated in the back. Section of the skirt are lined with black silk organza and black tulle. One sleeve is covered with black organza and tulle. The bodice is partially covered with uneven layers of black tulle.

All this the create a look of dark to light on the jacket.

The wide shawl collar is covered with black tulle as well.

The tulle is attached to the top with tiny almost invisible stitches.

A red leather belt finishes the look.

A necklace of clear and black beads adorns the cleavage, earring of gold post with clear crystal cubes. A black faceted stones bracelet is also included.

The red and black boots arrived from China and skin tone tights are also included.

The doll is not included.





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