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Red Cala

A new gown just joined the Back to Black group.

I know it’s not black, but this group contains very outstanding and glamour gowns, so it only befitting for this new gown to join this group.

I had this velvet fabric for years. I am not fond of working with velvet. Those who sew know the trouble that velvet gives you. It shifts and moves and basically makes you work for the privilege of using this fabric.

After making the black velvet dress, which went very smoothly, I got tempted to keep working with the velvets I have in stock.

So, being that burgundy is one of my favorite colors, I decided to make a new dress in the group.

I used the basic mermaid pattern and changed the bottom of the dress to resemble a cala lily flower.

The dress is cut on the bias, which allows for the beautiful flare at the bottom.

The dress is lined with black china silk.

I applied batting fabric along the torso to give the dress a smooth line.

Under the dress I applied ivory tulle which I gathered with my needle pleater which gives a beautiful even gathers.

The gloves are made of black Lycra and have four fingers.

I am working on making a five fingers glove, so stay tuned.

The earrings and necklace are made of glass beads.

The necklace is inspired by the J’adore Dior necklace.

Included are black suede like shoes.

Doll is not included.

Red Cala

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