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White Angel Trumpet

A beautiful outfit in the white floral group for Glamouroz and other 16” dolls.

The outfit consists of a white silk organza blouse with a high collar, decorated with two layers of ivory lace.

The sleeves are fitted, made of ivory lace and extend over the hand, fastened under the thumb to create a glove.

The pantsuit outfit is made of ivory wool blend with white silk lining.

The neckline is bustier-like, fitted to the bodice.

The front of each pant leg has a slit at the seam line, rounded at the hem line and expose hand pleated ivory lace.

The outfit comes with ivory tights and white patent faux leather boots.

Also included is a necklace made of white pearl beads and fresh water pearl earrings.

Doll is not included.

White Angel Trumpet

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