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How do I do it. Step one. Gathering information.

A start of a new collection, even if it's a small one, starts with lots of browsing and collecting tid bits of information and ideas that will form at the end to my vision.

I start by looking at fashion forecasts on pinterest. I print those and post on my board.

Then magazine photos that i find interesting are posted.

I collect pictures of details of garments that i find interesting.

As I collect the information, the ideas for the fashion that I want to make is forming.

The next step is starting sketching the designs. Some will be for the 16" dolls and some for the 12" ones. When I design I do not take the doll's size into consideration. Once the designs are done I look at the whole group as a whole and see which will translate to the smaller scale dolls.

My size chart is on the board. As you can see I do have various measurements.

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