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The after convention thoughts

So it's the day after. I am back at my studio, putting everything back in place and feeling tired.

Slept for 12 hours but I am ready for a nap.

The convention was fun, a bit disappointing since I did not sell as much as I was hoping for.

I make fashion for mostly 16" dolls and it seems that IT is not making these dolls any more, at least for now.

So with little 12" fashion that I made, my market shrank to a very few who still hold onto their 16" dolls, and some who did buy for the 12".

The fashion trend that I noticed at the convention was a vamp/drag queen. The evil bitch is in and the sophisticated sharp dresser is out.

I make fashion for the latter. So what to do?

I have to take some time off and decide what is going to be my new line and weather I should continue with my trend of sophisticated fashion for both size dolls, or rethink my whole ideas and find a comfortable compromise.

Any way, I decided to start a blog so I can include you with my thinking and creative process, as well as show you how I get things done.

No pictures yet but future blogs will have pictures and will not have too long speeches or bashing of anyone.

I must admit that I skim through long long blogs.

I believe in getting to the point.

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