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So, I am making a chandelier....

Why? You would ask yourself

Why? I ask myself.

It seems like a good idea.

I decided that it would be great to have a nice crystal chandelier in the set when I shoot the dolls.

So I searched on ebay, amazon and google and I even remembered that some one found some great one as a Christmas ornament, but I found none. At least none that fit my budget. I saw some beautiful ones at doll houses sites, but the price was wayyyyy too high for me.

Since I got the Cricut air 2 I decided that it would be a great and fast project to do and I wanted to do it from balsa wood.


Like every idea it was fun and fast till I got to do it.

First I had to design the chandelier, then getting the right width balsa wood. Then it was lots of wood that went in the garbage. It took a while to figure out the right amount of pressure and the calibration of the machine till I got the balsa cut, and the Kraft boards.

Then it was time to assemble the arms, and today I put it all together.

It's just the skeleton of the chandelier, I still need to spray paint it and put all the crystals on.

So for now you get a first glimpse at my new project.

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