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Spring summer 2018

So while adding few more designs to my Fall Winter collection, I started looking at Chanel Spring Summer collections. I am inspired.

I like the way Chanel, or actually Karl lagerfeld and I am sure he is not designing the whole collection by himself, put things together.

His collections concentrate on smart use of textiles, while maintaining the Chanel signature look.

The suits are exquisite and whole collection seems to evolve from one outfit to another.

But enough about him, it's my blog so I am going to talk about what I am doing.

I have some metallic linens left from a collection that I made in the past, plus lots of silk organza that I accumulate for some reason. Those of you that sew can relate to the 'need' to have some fabrics in stock.

In this new collection I will experiment with painting on the fabrics. I know I did it in the past, I painted flowers on a skirt. This time I will go for simple geometric shapes and stripes. I also have vinyl in some colors. It's a light weight vinyl, but for some reason whenever I tried to sew it on my machine it just did not work out, so I gave up on using it.

Since I got my embroidery machine I found out that it sews leather beautifully, and I tried the vinyl, and yes, works like a charm.

I guess the motor of this machine is stronger and with my Teflon foot, the leather and vinyl just moves like silk, no stitch skipping on missing stitches.

I sure am glad that I kept all those vinyls and you will see them featured in the new collection.

So stay tuned, I will keep updating you on my progress as I work on this new group.


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