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Fall/Winter almost done

So now that this line that was supposed to have five pieces grew to seven is almost done. Now what?

I still have to apply all the fasteners on the jackets and blouse and then its off to market.

While I do all the finishing touches I think about the next step.

What kind of direction do I want to take.

I posted a little questionnaire to Face Book and spread to all the doll groups that I am part of, and to my surprise the response was skimpy. I thought that given the opportunity to give their opinion, the members of the various group will jump on the opportunity.

I was wrong.

So I must do what I think is right and gauge the direction I want to go regardless of trends or others opinion. It worked so far so I'll keep trusting my gut feeling.

I always had a love hate feeling with Alexander McQueen fashion.

Some of it I find totally inspiring, some makes me queasy. It like looking at an Hieronymus bosch painting of hell. It's beautiful yet unsettling.

So I decided to do my interpretation of his fashion and go all out there.

Some years ago I did some fashion inspired by his work and I liked the results.

This time I would like to tackle some of the fashion that makes me uncomfortable.

Wish me luck.

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